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Wonder Trailer

Oscar nominees Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay star in this moving family drama about a little boy with a terrible disfigurement trying to live a normal life…

New Star Wars The Last Jedi Images Debut In Vanity Fair

When Vanity Fair magazine does a photo-editorial, they don’t mess around. Often getting top photographers like Annie Leibovitz, their spreads are beautiful. Case in point, their feature piece on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. The mag, along with Leibovitz, were on set on the film to capture the cast and crew in full costume. ThisContinue Reading

Spider-man: Homecoming Trailers

A pair of trailers show off a tonne of new footage, featuring Spidey’s awesome new Stark technology-infused suit, and more of the villains…

New! Character Posters For Wonder Woman

There was some griping online that Warner Bros. Pictures wasn’t putting enough marketing muscle into promoting “Wonder Woman”, somehow insinuating that the studio doesn’t have a lot of confidence in a female solo superhero movie. Which is complete nonsense of course, but that’s the Internet for you. In fact, we have been getting steadily bombardedContinue Reading

Former Bond Roger Moore Dies At 89

Here goes another piece of my childhood. It is with a very heavy heart that Electroshadow reports the passing of Sir Roger Moore, the man who played James Bond seven times, across 12 years. He passed away last night in Switzerland, after a battle with cancer at the age of 89. Moore is survived byContinue Reading