Okay so this doesn’t qualify as “latest” news. But it’s an obscure piece of info, so it’s news to me, so it’ll do.

In late 2009, Paramount Pictures released a transcript of the conversations between the creators of “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”, the classic adventure film that introduced the world to intrepid archaeologist Indiana Jones. Why they did that is anyone’s guess. Maybe someone in Paramount had a bone to pick with producer George Lucas. Maybe it was out of some misguided attempt to drum up hype. Or maybe (and most chillingly), the studio shared Lucas’ bare-faced endorsement of paedophilia.

You see, George Lucas almost made Indiana Jones a sex offender.

The man’s original concept for Indy’s relationship with his love interest in “Raiders” would’ve seen a backstory where a 25 year-old Indy had an affair with an 11 year-old Marion Ravenwood. Hardcore fans might recall Marion’s dialogue in the film that goes, “I was a child! I was in love!  It was wrong and you knew it.” To which Indy replies “You knew what you were doing.”

A bit of filling for those not up to speed in their Indy lore… The good Dr. Jones was once the protegé of a Professor Abner Ravenwood, Marion’s father. In their globe-trotting adventures together, Marion played tag-along and in the process fell in love with Indy. Naughty stuff ensued. But being the free spirit that he is, Indy ditched her for other pursuits. Which is how she ends up the bitter and angry older woman when we first see her in “Raiders”.

Everyone had always assumed that this backstory was the usual case of college-age girl infatuated with a slightly older man. Now, it seems the “child” aspect would’ve been taken far more literally if Lucas’d had his way.

As the transcript revealed, Lucas thought it would be “amusing” to make Marion as young as possible when she had the affair. His rationale was that once the girl hits the legal age of consent, it’s “not so interesting anymore”. Amusing? Interesting? How about illegal? Or morally repugnant, Mr. Lucas? You can do that for a villainous character by all means. But giving such an overtly heroic character as Indiana Jones a flaw like this would’ve effectively and irrevocably destroyed any appeal he otherwise had with audiences. It doesn’t make him more complex, it just makes him creepy and unlikable in all the worst possible ways. What’s also disturbing is that neither director Steven Spielberg nor screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan seemed to put up any objection to Lucas’ monumentally sick and stupid idea.

Lucas seems to have a thing for warped male-female relationships. First there were the incestuous overtones between Luke and Leia in “Star Wars”. Then the other weird age gap, between Anakin and Padme in “Episode 1”. Now this revelation. We can all thank the movie gods that the man’s ideas never came to pass.

Read the transcript below and be afraid. Be very afraid…

George Lucas: I was thinking that this old guy could have been his mentor. He could have known this little girl when she was just a kid. Had an affair with her when she was eleven.

Lawrence Kasdan: And he was forty-two.

GL: He hasn’t seen her in twelve years. Now she’s twenty-two. It’s a real strange relationship.

Steven Spielberg: She had better be older than twenty-two.

GL: He’s thirty-five, and he knew her ten years ago when he was twenty-five and she was only twelve. It would be amusing to make her slightly young at the time.

SS: And promiscuous. She came onto him.

GL: Fifteen is right on the edge. I know it’s an outrageous idea, but it is interesting. Once she’s sixteen or seventeen it’s not interesting anymore. But if she was fifteen and he was twenty-five and they actually had an affair the last time they met. And she was madly in love with him and he …

(Source: Cinematical)

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