Here’s where I be messing with my Zen thing, man. All the random junk I find on and off The Grid that I totally dig finds a virtual home in this section. Pictures. Collectibles. Art. Comics. Humour. And all that other Biodigital jazz, man. Radical!


Collector’s Corner is all about figures, statues, props and replicas from the film & comic world.

Down To A Tee is about my main fashion passion, T-shirts. Some mine, others that will eventually be.

It’s A Geek World details the mad, sad and sometimes plain bad stuff from Geekdom.


Is This Some Sort Of Joke? Well, they are supposed to be funny. No, seriously. Laugh, damn you, laugh!

So Comical is a collection of comic strips. Some original material, the rest from dodgy corners of the net.

WTF Pix is pretty self-explanatory. Sorry, no porn here. But there might be the occasional midget-riding-a-unicorn shot.