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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Red-Band Trailer

Oscar winner Frances McDormand stars in this hilariously foul-mouthed comedy from the director of the brilliant “In Bruges”. Warning: Lots of swearing and violence ahead!…

Rage Against The Machine

“RoboCop” is a remake of a revered sci-fi classic. Can a director with more cerebral intentions fight studio cynicism and turn this into a worthy update?…

RoboCop Viral Video 2: OmniCorp Presentation

This viral takes the form of a Consumer Electronics Show in the year 2027, as an OmniCorp rep presents the future of law enforcement…

Actor Joel Kinnaman Says RoboCop Remake Isn’t Really A Remake

Soemtimes, you should just call a spade a spade. That way, you at least earn a bit of respect for being honest. I don’t know whether the makers of “RoboCop” genuinely have something completely new up their sleeves, or they’ve just in denial, but their lead actor has come out and said he doesn’t considerContinue Reading

RoboCop Trailer 2

This action & plot-heavy 2nd trailer reveals more of the characters and the reimagined world of RoboCop, where robots have taken over many key roles in society…

New! RoboCop Poster Gives Us A Good Look At Armour

With the debut of the trailer for the controversial “RoboCop” remake, a lot of talk has been centred around the new armour design. Most people hate it. And with good reason, since it looks far inferior to the original Rob Bottin design in Paul Verhoeven’s classic. Personally, Electroshadow is not a big fan of thisContinue Reading

Robocop Trailer

The controversial remake finally has a trailer, and it’s looking… pretty solid! Joel Kinnaman stars as an ill-fated cop who is reborn as a cybernetic puppet of a mega-corporation, struggling to regain his humanity…

New! On-Set Pictures Of New RoboCop Suit

By now, Electroshadow has all but given up hope on the “RoboCop” remake. We’ll still watch it of course, in the spirit of giving every movie the benefit of the doubt before hand. But we have the distinct (and not unfounded) suspicion that this will be crap. A surefire sign of a production in troubleContinue Reading