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Ant-Man Viral Video Showcases Character From Iron Man

We’re just two weeks out from the premiere of “Ant-Man” and Marvel Studios has been stepping up their marketing blitz for the troubled superhero standalone flick. The latest is a viral marketing video in the form of a clip for a faux news show called NewsFront, and it’s hosted by a familiar face from theContinue Reading

Pitt, Bale & Gosling To Star In Stock Market Drama The Big Short

After last year’s success with “12 Years A Slave”, Brad Pitt continues to pick up interesting projects that attract top-tier talent. This round, his production company Plan B has secured the rights to the Michael Lewis bestseller “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine”. According to a report in Variety today, Pitt is also setContinue Reading

First Look! Ant-Man Villain Yellowjacket

You already know what the movie version of Ant-Man will look like. Today, we bring you a first look at the main antagonist Yellowjacket! And the reveal came, from all places, via British sleepwear company Aykroyds and Son. The banner below is part of the marketing blitz that is only now getting started. I haveContinue Reading

Dodge Ads Feature Ron Burgundy Of Anchorman 2

Brand tie-ins with movies can be lame unless you stay true to the characters. With this partnership between US carmaker and Paramount Pictures, they seem to have kept the flavor of Ron Burgundy intact. If you missed “Anchorman” he is the dim-witted but arrogant newscaster played by Will Ferrell in the hit 2004 comedy. Here,Continue Reading

Will Ferrell Announces Sequel To Anchorman

I enjoyed 2004’s “Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy”. It hit all the right comedic notes, thanks largely to a great screenplay by its star and director, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay respectively. The former in particular, has never (IMHO) bettered his performance as the ridiculously self-important buffoon. And that’s a big deal coming fromContinue Reading