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Blair Witch Director To Take On Godzilla vs Kong

You’re Next director Adam Wingard is set to take the helm on the upcoming Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. film Godzilla vs. Kong, according to THR. The script comes to us from a writers’ room run by Terry Rossio who co-wrote the Pirates of the Caribbean films (who also holds story credit on 1998’s Godzilla).Continue Reading

US Remake Of Horror Anime Death Note Gets Director & Leading Man

Hollywood has been trying to get a remake of the hit manga & anime series “Death Note” for years. Warner Bros Pictures first picked up the film rights back in 2009, and a number of filmmakers have come and gone, including Shane Black (“Iron Man 3”) and Gus Van Sant (“Good Will Hunting”). Today, VarietyContinue Reading

V/H/S/2 Red-Band Trailer

The sequel to the cult horror anthology features contributions from the director of “The Raid” and “The Blair Witch Project”…

You’re Next Trailer

This independent film received rave reviews at recent film festivals. It’s a horror story about a family terrorised by masked murderers in their home. But an unlikely guest of the family turns out to be an even more skilled killer..

V/H/S Red-Band Trailer

This found-footage horror anthology has been making waves on the indie film festival circuit, with some critics calling it the scariest in years…