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Terminator Genocide

“Terminator Genisys” just might be Electroshadow’s most hated movie of the year. Why are we so upset? Let’s break it down…

Terminator Genisys Trailer 2

Arnie is back, and he’s brought a host of painfully unfunny gags, unfinished effects, and one heck of a plot spoiler that ruins a major character’s legacy…

Terminator Genisys Motion Poster Reveals New T-800 Endoskeleton

At this point you gotta wonder if the studio even realises how negative the buzz has gotten for “Terminator Genisys”. I mean, why would they put out a poster like this and think it will impress anybody other than little kids (who aren’t the target audience anyway). Sure, the gimmick of turning Arnold Schwarzenegger intoContinue Reading

Terminator Genisys Trailer

Arnold is back in his most famous role, but the whole timeline as we knew it has been altered, changing the course of future history and the battle against the machines…

New! Teminator Genisys Pics Reveal Cast In Costume

Man. My attitude to “Terminator Genisys” just went from cautious optimism to rock bottom dejection. Why? Over the weekend, Entertainment Weekly debuted a series of images from this reboot/non-sequel. And they look like utter shit. I mean, just look at these images. Everything about them just screams cheap and wrong-headed, from the costumes to theContinue Reading

Terminator Reboot Gets New Title, Arnold Posts Message To Fans

According to Paramount Pictures, the “Terminator” reboot has officially wrapped production. To mark the occasion, star Arnold Schwarzenegger took to his Facebook page and revealed that the film has a new title. Well, new-ish. It’s just a bad play on the previous (and much more sensible) title “Terminator: Genesis”. Now, it’s “Terminator Genisys”. My guessContinue Reading

First Look! Set Pics Of Arnie & Cast Of Terminator Reboot

The big question about “Terminator: Genesis” (besides “Will it suck?”) is how a 66-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to play a Terminator. The guy may be in better shape than most men his age, but he still looks old. The solution is that the flesh disguise that his T-800 model wears also ages. He toldContinue Reading

Actor JK Simmons Talks Terminator: Genesis

Very little is known about the upcoming “Terminator” reboot. The cast has been sworn to secrecy by an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) so even when asked they can’t spill too many beans if any at all. But TotalFilm managed to get something out of veteran actor J.K. Simmons in Cannes recently. You might recognise him asContinue Reading