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First Look! On The Set Of Mission: Impossible 6

“Mission: Impossible 6” (working title “Gemini”) has just begun production, and already set pics are popping up. The cast and crew, led by Tom Cruise and writer/director Christopher McQuarrie, are currently on location in Paris, France. And we’ve got an early look that reveals a couple of interesting details. It’s pretty much expected to seeContinue Reading

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer 2

Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner lead what’s left of the IMF in a deadly race against time to stop a rival organisation from destroying everything…

New! Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Character Posters

If Paramount Pictures is banking heavily on “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation”, they sure aren’t showing it. The movie comes out in less than two months’ time and the hype machine has barely gotten into gear. I suppose the studio is going to go with a more full-on effort closer to the release date. For now,Continue Reading

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer

Tom Cruise returns for his deadliest mission yet, against an Anti-IMF organisation hell-bent on destroying him and his fellow agents…

Aloha Trailer

Bradley Cooper stars in this romantic drama from the director of “Jerry Maguire”, about a military man who finds himself in Hawaii where he is torn between his ex and a new girl…

Still Alice Trailer

Julianne Moore stars in this touching story of a professor who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and bravely struggles to hold onto everything that she is…

Alec Baldwin & Danny Glover To Star In Sci-Fi Adventure Andron

In the next couple of years, we’re going to see more of Alec Baldwin in genre fare. He’ll be in “Mission: Impossible 5” next year, and then there’s a science-fiction action adventure called “Andron”. He will be joined by another screen veteran, Danny Glover, who, as far as I’m concerned hasn’t been in enough moviesContinue Reading

First Look! The Stars Of Mission: Impossible 5 On Set

Filming has already begun on the 5th outing of the enduring “Mission: Impossible” franchise. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie (“Jack Reacher”), the production has reportedly been going well, with stunts for some key scenes already completed. Today, the director decided to share the first official pics from the set, featuring his cast of returning regulars JeremyContinue Reading