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Michael Fassbender Talks Alien: Covenant

Director Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant” keeps on mutating, just like its titular creature. One minute it was a direct sequel to “Prometheus”, the next it all but discarded any ties to the film, with the exception of one of its stars, Michael Fassbender. Now, the sequel is being touted as more of a direct predecessorContinue Reading

First Look! Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant

Tuesday the 26th of April was “Alien Day”, a date that matches the designation of the original planet in “Alien”, LV-426. Geddit? Anyway, in conjunction with the occasion, 20th Century Fox released the first official photo from “Alien: Covenant”, Ridley’s Scott’s follow-up to “Prometheus” and an indirect prequel to his 1979 classic. Looks like theContinue Reading

Alien Prequel Gets New Title, Synopsis & Release Date

Ridley Scott is really being all gung about his return to the “Alien” universe. First, he cockblocked director Neill Blomkamp’s proposed “Alien 5” in favour of his own sequel to the prequel “Prometheus”. Then he talked up a storm about it, revealing the title and his plans for the next few instalments. Now, Scott’s movieContinue Reading