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Battle Of The Sexes Trailer

Steve Carell and Emma Stone star in this true story of one of greatest events in sporting history, where an ageing male tennis pro challenged a female player at the top of her game…

Nocturnal Animals Teaser Trailer

From fashion designer-turned-filmmaker Tom Ford, this romance thriller stars Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal as a divorced couple discovering dark truths about each other…

Oblivion Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

This making-of featurette sees Tom Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski giving us more details on the story and the characters of “Oblivion”…

New! Oblivion Concept Art & Poster

Although we’ve already had a good look at “Oblivion” with the trailer, there’s still a lot we don’t know about this sci-fi actioner starring Tom Cruise. The studio has released a batch of concept art showing some pretty cool visuals, some of which will be in the finished film, while others have evolved. So far,Continue Reading

Welcome To The Punch Trailer

This British crime thriller executive produced by Ridley Scott pits a detective against a criminal he’s been hunting for years…

Oblivion Director Joseph Kosinski Discusses Story Influences & Tom Cruise

When the trailer for “Oblivion” debuted last week, it caught a lot of people by surprise. In that it actually looks pretty good. But visuals have never been director Joseph Kosinski’s weak point. MTV managed to get some juicy details on his thoughts about the sci-fi film and the value his leading man Tom CruiseContinue Reading

Oblivion Trailer

Tom Cruise stars in this sci-fi actioner set in a future where Earth’s civilizations are a distant memory, and life has evolved beyond recognition…

Tom Cruise Spotted On Set Of Sci-Fi Pic Oblivion

Although “Tron: Legacy” was perceived to be an underperforming film, it still did well enough to get its director Joseph Kosinski more work in showbiz. His latest project is called “Oblivion” and it has a big A-list star in it: Tom Cruise. The sci-fi flick is currently shooting on location in New York city, andContinue Reading