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First Look! All-Female Cast Of Ocean’s 8

When Warner Bros first announced “Ocean’s 8”, people didn’t know if this was a sequel, a remake, or a spinoff. Well, it looks like it’s a little of all of the above. Sandra Bullock takes the lead role as the sister of Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney in Steven Soderbergh’s 2001 movie… which wasContinue Reading

Colossal Trailer

Anne Hathaway stars in this crazy sic-fi-comedy about an alcoholic woman who discovers she has a psychic link to a giant monster wreaking havoc on humanity…

First Look! Teaser Posters For Alice In Wonderland Sequel

Tim Burton’s re-imagining of “Alice In Wonderland” was an absolute travesty. By that I mean it was hands-down one of the worst movies of 2010. Yet it made tonnes of money, so we’re stuck with a sequel. Called “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, the film revisits author Lewis Carroll’s beloved stories with an all-new newContinue Reading

The Intern Trailer

Oscar winners Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway star in this comedy about a senior citizen who becomes the intern of a hotshot young fashion entrepreneur, with unexpected life lessons learnt on both sides…

Anne Hathaway To Star In Monster Movie Colossal

Anne Hathaway is no stranger to the sci-fi genre, having most recently starred met recently in Chris Nolan’s “Interstellar”. Now, the Oscar winner’s giving it another go, but in a more specific area of the genre, the giant monster movie. Today, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Hathaway has signed on for a ratherContinue Reading

Song One Trailer

Anne Hathaway stars in this simple romantic drama as a girl who seeks out the musician her hospitalised brother idolised, and ends up falling in love first with the music, then the man…

Nolan Reaches For The Stars

“Interstellar” is a very ambitious sci-fi adventure from one of the most influential and popular filmmakers of today. Does it live up to his lofty aspirations?…

Chris Nolan Describes The Viewing Experience Of Interstellar

Director Christopher Nolan is a very fierce guardian of the traditional cinematic viewing experience. He insists on shooting on “old-school” celluloid film when the rest of the world has embraced digital. And his latest effort “Interstellar” will showcase over an hour of footage shot on the ultimate film format, IMAX. Nolan wants to go oneContinue Reading