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Malaysian Film Interchange To Open Singapore International Film Festival

It’s rare to have a Malaysian film garnering any kind of attention beyond our own borders. Sometimes though, we hardly have any inkling even when it does noticed abroad. Case in point, Malaysian filmmaker Dain Iskandar Said (“Bunohan”) and his latest effort “Interchange”. According to a report in Variety today, Said’s film will have theContinue Reading

Certain Women Trailer

Kristen Stewart stars in this indie drama about the lives of several women in a small American town…

To The Wonder Trailer

Ben Affleck leads this film by highly-acclaimed director Terrence Malick, which is an exploration of love in its many forms…

Wuthering Heights Trailer

Based on the classic Emily Bronte novel, this period-set tale of desire and obsession is updated for the 21st century…

Mini Review: Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

Guest contributor How is back with a look at the critically-acclaimed Japanese documentary from earlier this year…

New! The Master Posters & Stills

Director Paul Thomas Anderson is slowing building a very stong case for his latest film “The Master”. A recent screening for critics ended in a standing ovation with rousing applause for what many called “a masterpiece” and and “an absolute masterclass in filmmaking”. Obvious puns aside, I’m also sold on this one. The Weinstein Company,Continue Reading

Robot & Frank Trailer

This independent film has been getting rave reviews at film festivals like Sundance. It’s set in the near future where an old man is forced by his son to be looked after by a robot…

Story Details: Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac

Back in August last year, Electroshadow broke the news that neurotic but talented filmmaker Lars Von Trier was working on an arthouse porn film called “Nymphomaniac”. Anybody who’s the least bit familiar with the man’s body of work didn’t bat an eyelid. He’s depicted full-on, graphic sexuality on screen before. Many actresses passed on theContinue Reading