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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Earth’s mightiest heroes are back and this time they’re facing their deadliest adversary yet. The cosmic titan known as Thanos…

Avengers: Infinity War Reduced To One Film, Writers Explain

See the logo above? That was what Marvel Studios announced way back in 2014. Things have changed since then. Apparently, we are no longer getting a two-part follow-up to “Avengers: Age Of Ultron”. Nope, “Avengers: Infinity War” is now a standalone movie. Over the weekend, Walt Disney Pictures officially revealed that the first film willContinue Reading

Russo Brothers Talk Avengers: Infinity War

Directing brothers Anthony & Joe Russo have their hands full with the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the next couple of years. They’re currently putting the finishing touches onto “Captain America: Civil War”, and then they’ll jump straight into both chapters of the ginormous “Avengers: Infinity War”. Right now, it’s still a bit early for anyContinue Reading

Kevin Feige Talks Marvel’s Phase Three Movies

This year, Marvel Studios’ Phase Three kicks off with “Captain America: Civil War”. It promises to lead into the biggest, most far-reaching phase yet, both in terms of scope and implication. Empire mag managed to speak to studio head Kevin Feige to get some details on what to expect. First, the question arose about possibleContinue Reading

Marvel Reveals All Phase 3 Movies + First Look At Black Panther!

(Image above from Comingsoon.net) Wooo. Big news today. Disney and Marvel Studios held a special press event last night, and studio President Kevin Feige announced their full slate of movies stretching all the way until 2019! I’ll let the official logos do the talking… Yes, we are finally getting our very first solo female MarvelContinue Reading