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Chris Evans To Star In True Rescue Story The Red Sea Diving Resort

Chris Evans is looking beyond playing superheroes and romantic leads. He’s just signed on for a pretty interesting project that’s based on a true story. Today, Evans confirmed a lead role in “The Red Sea Diving Resort”, an incident in the 1980s where a team of covert Mossad agents pulled off a daring rescue missionContinue Reading

The Jungle Book Movie Clip

In this clip from the Disney live-action remake, Mowgli meets Baloo the bear in a cave…

Cast Of The Jungle Book Pose With Animal Roles

Walt Disney Pictures has come up with a pretty cool way to promote their remake of “The Jungle Book”. The CG animals are all voiced by famous actors, so they figured why not pair them up and do portraits? We’ve got almost all the major roles, except for Bill Murray and the bear he plays,Continue Reading

3 New Posters Form A Bigger Picture Of The Jungle Book

I like posters that combine to form one large tableau. Jon Favreau’s live-action remake of the classic Disney animation today saw a trio of posters released, each one showcasing the characters. The first one sees King Louie and Kaa. Then there’s Mowgli the little orphan boy, along with his pals Baloo and Bagheera. In theContinue Reading

The Walk Trailer 2

From the director of “Back To The Future” comes this thrilling retelling of the true story of a high-wire artist who launched an insane plan to walk between the New York Twin Towers…

The Jungle Book Teaser Trailer

From the director of “Iron Man” comes this live-action remake of the Disney classic, about a boy who grows up in the jungle amidst a host of wild animals…

Knight Of Cups Trailer

Christian Bale stars in this film by acclaimed director Terrence Malick, about a man who lets the excesses of Hollywood slowly consume him…

The Walk Teaser Trailer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in this incredible true story of a man who walked a tightrope across New York’s twin towers, and lived to tell the tale…