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Bad Santa 2 Red-Band Trailer

Billy Bob Thornton returns in this comedy about an ex-convict who now works as a store Santa who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble…

First Look! Bad Santa 2 Poster & Stills

“Bad Santa” came out way back in 2003 and surprised the heck out of anyone who saw it. It was unapologetically gutter-minded, yet had a sweetness at its core. It was also something of a critical hit and didn’t do too badly at the Box Office. So it’s surprising that it took this long forContinue Reading

Cult X’Mas Comedy Bad Santa To Get A Sequel

When you think of your traditional feel-good Christmas movie, many come to mind. Some may even be a little more unconventional (“Die Hard”). But “Bad Santa” doens’t exactly qualify as feel-good family fare. Simply because its lead character is pretty depraved and a terrible role model by any standard. And yet, it’s an awesome X’MasContinue Reading

Our Brand Is Crisis Trailer

Sandra Bullock and Billy Bon Thornton star in this political satire based on true events, about a disgraced campaign strategist who is roped in to help a South American presidential candidate…

Entourage Trailer

Hollywood star Vincent Chase, his agent Ari Gold and gang are back in this satirical look at the showbiz industry, and all the craziness it comes with…

Entourage Movie Debuts First Poster

Warner Bros. Pictures has just revealed the poster for HBO series-turned big screen outing “Entourage”. As posters go it’s pretty unremarkable, but it does put the gang in the spotlight. Actually, it should be Ari Gold taking front & centre rather than Vinnie Chase. After all, he was the lifeblood of the show. I lookContinue Reading

Entourage Movie Trailer

The hit TV series returns as a big screen movie. This round, Vincent Chase and his boys are up against new challenges in a Hollywood that is even less forgiving…

On-Set Pics Reveal Funny Cameo In Entourage Movie

The feature film version of “Entourage” is very likely going to feature a whole host of Hollywood celebrities playing themselves, or at least comedy send-ups of themselves. Today, we’ve got a good glimpse of the first guest star on the movie. Jeremy Piven, who plays super movie agent Ari Gold was spotted on set filmingContinue Reading