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Jeremy Renner To Play Legendary Cowboy Doc Holliday

By now it’s clear that Jeremy Renner (“The Town”, “Arrival”) is much better as a character actor than a leading man. His performances in supporting roles are often way more memorable, possibly because those roles happen to suit his strengths. But that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from casting him in the lead, like the latest oneContinue Reading

Biopic Of Madonna In The Works

Madonna may be one of the most controversial music artistes in pop history, but there’s also no mistaking her role her pop history. She is a true icon, and whether the feminists would like to admit it or not, a genuine trailblazer for women in the music industry. And if nothing else, she’s always beenContinue Reading

Chuck Trailer

Discover the real person who inspired the cinematic boxing icon Rocky Balboa, in this biopic starring Liev Schreiber…

All Eyez On Me Full Trailer

This biopic of the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur focuses on his rise to fame and controversial music…

Ryan Gosling To Star In Neil Armstrong Biopic

Ryan Gosling’s career path has taken an interesting turn lately. He’s been doing a nice variety of work, both in mainstream yet respectable stuff (“The Nice Guys”, next year’s “Blade Runner 2049”) as well as arthouse fare (“La La Land”). Now, according to TheWrap, he’s set to reunite with the director of “La La Land”,Continue Reading

10 Cloverfield Lane Director To Helm Houdini Biopic

“10 Cloverfield Lane” was one of those stealth movies that flew in under the radar, totally undetected by the industry until shortly before its release and pleasantly surprised a lot of people. While the film wasn’t a massive Box Office hit, the guy who directed it, Dan Trachtenberg, got a considerable boost from it. RegardlessContinue Reading

Jackie Teaser Trailer

This biopic focuses on Jacqueline Kennedy in the days following the assassination of her husband John F Kennedy…

Birth Of The Dragon Trailer

This semi-fictional biopic tells of the legendary showdown between Bruce Lee and a Shaolin monk that took place behind closed doors and whose outcome has always been shrouded in mystery…