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Black Panther Teaser Trailer

The first footage from Marvel Studio’s first black superhero movie has landed, giving us a glimpse at the mystical land of Wakanda and its inhabitants…

Black Panther Concept Art Reveals The World Of Wakanda

Moving into Phase Three, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in healthy shape. And one of the most highly anticipated releases has to be “Black Panther”. It’s the studio’s first Black superhero standalone movie (nope, Blade doesn’t count cos that was under another studio), and they’ve really taken it to heart. It’s led by director RyanContinue Reading

Kevin Feige Confirms Upcoming Marvel Solo Films Will Be Origin Stories

Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige was asked some time ago about the glut of superhero origin stories, and he declared that they would not be doing anymore, moving forward. Looks like he’s changed his tune, if the studio’s Phase Three is any indication. At last night’s 15-minute sneak preview of Doctor Strange footage (via TheContinue Reading

Creed Director Ryan Coogler Confirmed To Direct Black Panther

Can’t say this is a big surprise, but I’m excited for this news all the same. Young filmmaker Ryan Coogler, who’s impressed critics with his (only) two films “Fruitvale Station” and the Rocky spinoff “Creed”, had been in talks for a while to take on the MCU’s first Black superhero. And today, it’s official. MarvelContinue Reading

Kevin Feige Talks Marvel’s Phase Three Movies

This year, Marvel Studios’ Phase Three kicks off with “Captain America: Civil War”. It promises to lead into the biggest, most far-reaching phase yet, both in terms of scope and implication. Empire mag managed to speak to studio head Kevin Feige to get some details on what to expect. First, the question arose about possibleContinue Reading

Black Panther’s Role In Capt America: Civil War Revealed

Although Marvel Studios is not hosting any panels at San Diego Comic Con’s Hall H this year (boo!), they are still very much a presence online. Momentum has been building up for their slate of projects next year and onwards. The biggest one would be “Captain America: Civil War” which basically pits all the superheroesContinue Reading

Chadwick Boseman Talks Being Cast As Marvel’s Black Panther

The announcement of a solo “Black Panther” movie by Marvel Studios last month was a welcome, if not totally surprising move. But according to the guy who’s playing the title role, it wasn’t until the 11th hour that the offer came to him. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Chadwick Boseman revealed that actual discussions for himContinue Reading

Marvel Reveals All Phase 3 Movies + First Look At Black Panther!

(Image above from Comingsoon.net) Wooo. Big news today. Disney and Marvel Studios held a special press event last night, and studio President Kevin Feige announced their full slate of movies stretching all the way until 2019! I’ll let the official logos do the talking… Yes, we are finally getting our very first solo female MarvelContinue Reading