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Murder On The Orient Express Teaser Trailer

Kenneth Branagh directs and stars in this classic murder mystery set on a train, where everyone is a suspect…

Peter Jackson Reveals Concept Art For Mortal Engines Adaptation

If you’re wondering what “Lord Of The Rings” director Peter Jackson has been up to, here’s your answer. The guy is working on a big screen adaptation of “Mortal Engines”, the British series of award-winning novels by Philip Reeve. Jackson and Fran Walsh have already written the screenplay with regular collaborator Philippa Boyens. However, JacksonContinue Reading

Wonder Trailer

Oscar nominees Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay star in this moving family drama about a little boy with a terrible disfigurement trying to live a normal life…

The Dark Tower Trailer

This ambitious adaptation of the Stephen King novels sees a legendary gunslinger taking on a mysterious Man in Black over the fate of the world…

Their Finest Trailer

Former Bond girl Gemma Arterton stars in this comedy about a woman scriptwriter struggling to make propaganda films at the height of World War II…

Cary Fukunaga To Direct Movie About Hiroshima Atomic Bomb

The atomic bombs dropped on Japan by the Allied Forces effectively brought an end to World War II. But at terrible cost. Surprisingly, for such a dramatic and inherently cinematic event in history, there hasn’t been any major studio movie made about this. Until now. Deadline today reported that the book “Shockwave: Countdown To Hiroshima”Continue Reading

Bestselling Novel Crazy Rich Asians Gets Big Screen Treatment

The image of Asians in Western society isn’t exactly that great, especially Oriental Asians. Actually, to most dumbass Westerners (read: Yanks) Asians = Chinese. The last thing we need is more misconceptions clogging up the place. So when I heard about this project, I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it. The Hollywood ReporterContinue Reading

New! Live By Night Poster Goes For Classic Gangster Cool

Ben Affleck’s latest film “Live By Night” (where he both directs and stars) has been screened for critics, but an embargo has been put in place, so we don’t know if it’s any good. Word through the grapevine is that it’s not quite the masterpiece some have been anticipating. I still wanna remain optimistic though,Continue Reading