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Paddington 2 Teaser Trailer

This sequel to the hit British film sees the lovable bear back in action, this time pursued by an aging actor who wants to use Paddington to rekindle his fame…

New! Live By Night Poster Goes For Classic Gangster Cool

Ben Affleck’s latest film “Live By Night” (where he both directs and stars) has been screened for critics, but an embargo has been put in place, so we don’t know if it’s any good. Word through the grapevine is that it’s not quite the masterpiece some have been anticipating. I still wanna remain optimistic though,Continue Reading

Assassin’s Creed Inside The Animus Featurette

One of the more unique versions of time travel can be found in “Assassin’s Creed”. The hit videogame series features “genetic time travel”, a technology which allows people of today to relive the memories of their ancestors via a link in their DNA. No, I have no idea how that works either. But it soundsContinue Reading

New! Assassin’s Creed Images Reveal Past & Present Timelines

Time travel is easily my favourite subject matter in science-fiction movies. While videogame adaptation “Assassin’s Creed” isn’t strictly a sci-fi movie, it does have its protagonist, played by Michael Fassbender, hopping back and forth between timelines. As these new stills from Total Film show. The early buzz on the movie has been mixed, so theContinue Reading

New! Assassin’s Creed Images

Since “Warcraft” didn’t light the world on fire, attentions have turned to this year’s other major videogame adaptation to prove that videogame adaptations can be both critically and commercially successful. And that next big hope is “Assassin’s Creed”, from the director/star combo of the acclaimed new cinematic version of “Macbeth”, Justin Kurzel and Michael Fassbender.Continue Reading

Assassin’s Creed Trailer

Michael Fassbender stars in this actioner based on the hit videogame, about a man who is sent back in time into the body of his assassin ancestor…

New! Stills From Assassin’s Creed Focus On Michael Fassbender

20th Century Fox today issued a fresh batch of images from their adaptation of the hit videogame “Assassin’s Creed” (via Omelete), and they show off leading man Michael Fassbender in various situations, all of them not terribly pleasant for his character, who time-travels to a savage era of the Knights Templar. Fassbender is a veryContinue Reading

In The Heart Of The Sea Final Trailer

From the director of “Apollo 13” comes this tale of survival on the high seas that inspired the classic story “Moby Dick”…