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Captain Marvel Will Have Two Directors

After lots of speculation about who Marvel Studios would hire as the director for their first solo female superhero movie, we finally have confirmation. And they did indeed hire a woman for the job… along with a dude. Today, the Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the directing duo of Anna Boden and Ryan FleckContinue Reading

Brie Larson Talks What Captain Marvel Means To Her

As far as female superheroes go, DC has Marvel beat. The DCEU introduces the first female solo film in this Summer with “Wonder Woman”, while “Captain Marvel” is still a long way off. It doesn’t even have a director attached yet. But that film’s star, Brie Larson, is already getting into the mindset of herContinue Reading

Kevin Feige Confirms Upcoming Marvel Solo Films Will Be Origin Stories

Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige was asked some time ago about the glut of superhero origin stories, and he declared that they would not be doing anymore, moving forward. Looks like he’s changed his tune, if the studio’s Phase Three is any indication. At last night’s 15-minute sneak preview of Doctor Strange footage (via TheContinue Reading

Capt Marvel Writer Talks Challenges Of Female Superheroes

After Evangeline Lilly’s wonderful tease in “Ant-Man” (won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it!), the dawn of female superheroes coming to the forefront is here. Add to that DC’s “Wonder Woman” and Marvel Studios’ own “Captain Marvel”, and it should finally silence those who say females are under-represented in this genre. ButContinue Reading

Breaking! Kate Upton To Play Captain Marvel

Okay, this is going to make some people very happy and many others very mad. Marvel Studios today made an unexpected casting announcement for one of their upcoming films, “Captain Marvel”. According to a scoop by Kotaku, studio head Kevin Feige dropped a big bombshell at the recent Emereld City Comicon in Seattle where heContinue Reading

Marvel Reveals All Phase 3 Movies + First Look At Black Panther!

(Image above from Comingsoon.net) Wooo. Big news today. Disney and Marvel Studios held a special press event last night, and studio President Kevin Feige announced their full slate of movies stretching all the way until 2019! I’ll let the official logos do the talking… Yes, we are finally getting our very first solo female MarvelContinue Reading