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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Earth’s mightiest heroes are back and this time they’re facing their deadliest adversary yet. The cosmic titan known as Thanos…

Black Panther Teaser Trailer

The first footage from Marvel Studio’s first black superhero movie has landed, giving us a glimpse at the mystical land of Wakanda and its inhabitants…

Black Panther Concept Art Reveals The World Of Wakanda

Moving into Phase Three, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in healthy shape. And one of the most highly anticipated releases has to be “Black Panther”. It’s the studio’s first Black superhero standalone movie (nope, Blade doesn’t count cos that was under another studio), and they’ve really taken it to heart. It’s led by director RyanContinue Reading

Kevin Feige Confirms Upcoming Marvel Solo Films Will Be Origin Stories

Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige was asked some time ago about the glut of superhero origin stories, and he declared that they would not be doing anymore, moving forward. Looks like he’s changed his tune, if the studio’s Phase Three is any indication. At last night’s 15-minute sneak preview of Doctor Strange footage (via TheContinue Reading

Capt America: Civil War Viral Video Asks Who Should Pay For Superhero Damages

Marvel Studios is having fun with the whole notion of public accountability for superheroes. That’s the main thrust of “Captain America: Civil War”, and it’s the subject of the 2nd in a series of viral videos. A bit too short to be really get into the matter but it’s a fun prelude to the movieContinue Reading

Capt America: Civil War Viral Video Examines The Impact Of Superheroes

The theme for this year’s crop of superhero movies seems to be about the culpability of costumed vigilantes in today’s world. First there was “Batman v Superman” and now there’s “Captain America: Civil War”. Which is the subject of Marvel Studios’ viral marketing campaign. This mock news report by WHIH features Christine Everheart, who wasContinue Reading

Captain America: Civil War Video Interviews

The cast and crew of Marvel’s biggest superhero showdown talk about their experiences, thoughts and feelings on set…

Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

This new trailer reveals much more of the internal battle of idealogies between Cap and Stark, and introduces a certain wall-crawler…