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Benedict Cumbatch Introduces Marvel’s New Charity Effort

Marvel Studios has not only been bringing delight to audiences of all ages, they also get their actively involved in good deeds behind the scenes. But now, they’re really committing to a charity effort in the form of an official organisation. And who better to make the announcement than Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch. Today,Continue Reading

New! Doctor Strange Stills & Magazine Cover

We’re just over a month away from Marvel Studios’ next big offering in their Phase Three set of films, “Doctor Strange”. And this one promises to be one of the most different in the studio’s pantheon of superheroes. Mainly because it deals with magic and the supernatural, which sets it way beyond the realm ofContinue Reading

New! Doctor Strange Poster Gets Trippy

“Doctor Strange” is the one Marvel movie I am most skeptical about. So far, everything they’ve shown us looks fine. But I’m echoing my earlier about the talent behind this, namely director Scott Derrickson and writer C Robert Cargill. Let’s just say I have not been impressed by their output so far. I’m sure MarvelContinue Reading

New! Doctor Strange Photos Show Sorcerers In Action

The promotions for Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” has been slowly creeping up on us, and we’ve still got over two months to go before the movie hits cinemas. So far, what the studio’s shown us is pretty solid, and today a fresh batch of images popped up online. They focus on the Doctor himself, played byContinue Reading

Marvel Addresses Dr Strange’s The Ancient One Casting Controversy

Whitewashing has been an ongoing issue in Hollywood forever. Things have gotten way better since the days of Caucasian actors in “blackface” but the problem still lingers. Scarlett Johansson’s casting in a Japanese role for “Ghost In The Shell” riled many people up, and similarly Tilda Swinton playing a role that is distinctly Asian (andContinue Reading

Doctor Stranger Teaser Trailer

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the Marvel universe’s most trippy superhero, and this first footage invites us to open up to a weird world of magic and myticism…

New! Images From The NYC Set Of Dr Strange

Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” is currently filming in New York City, and over the weekend, some spy shots leaked out online. We’ve got a whole of em (via Comingsoon) that feature Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme and Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Baron Mordo in full costume. This is the best look we’ve had yet of the goodContinue Reading

New! Character Posters For Crime Thriller Triple 9

Open Road Films (via IGN) has released nine character posters for director John Hillcoat’s new film “Triple 9”. I’m looking forward to this police actioner for two reasons. Hillcoat is a pretty solid director, and the cast he’s assembled is top notch. I’m slightly weirded out by how different Kate Winslet looks though. Check outContinue Reading