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Fist Fight Trailer

In this comedy, Ice Cube and Charlie Day play teachers who get into a disagreement that soon escalates into a feud that the whole school gets involved in…

Bad Santa 2 Red-Band Trailer

Billy Bob Thornton returns in this comedy about an ex-convict who now works as a store Santa who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble…

First Look! Bad Santa 2 Poster & Stills

“Bad Santa” came out way back in 2003 and surprised the heck out of anyone who saw it. It was unapologetically gutter-minded, yet had a sweetness at its core. It was also something of a critical hit and didn’t do too badly at the Box Office. So it’s surprising that it took this long forContinue Reading

First Look! Arthouse Thriller The Neon Demon

Nicholas Winding Refn is a pretty divisive filmmaker. His last film “Only God Forgives” was pretty much booed out of the Cannes Film Fest, while before that he was received with rapturous acclaim for “Drive”. The guy’s work is nothing if not visually stunning, and while his latest effort will no doubt have its supportersContinue Reading

Charlize Theron & Christina Hendricks To Star In Murder Mystery Dark Places

Christina Hendricks (TV’s “Mad Men”) is more famous for her considerable assets (translation: boobs) than her actual acting. Which is unfair, since she is a decent actress. Charlize Theron has it a little better, though her career hasn’t exactly stellar since she won the Best Actress Oscar for “Monster”. Both women will have a chanceContinue Reading

Ryan Gosling To Write & Direct How To Catch A Monster

Oscar-nominated actor Ryan Gosling (“Drive”) is one ambitious fella. He’s now moving into writing and directing films as well. He will be making his debut behind the camera with a project called “How To Catch A Monster”, as announced today to the press. He’s already secured a leading lady in Christina Hendricks (TV’s “Mad Men”).Continue Reading