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Everything Is Awesome!

“The Lego Movie” has taken everyone by surprise. No one was expecting a film based on a toy to be any good, but just why does this one work so well? Marie B has the answer…

New! Character Posters For The Lego Movie

Who didn’t love Lego as a kid? Heck, I still love it. As you probably know by now, they’re making an animated feature film based on the beloved toy line. Simply and aptly titled “The Lego Movie”, it’ll feature all sorts of fun characters including those from pop culture. Hence the presence of Batman. Today,Continue Reading

Cast & Crew Talk 21 Jump Street Sequel

I really enjoyed “21 Jump Street”. In a market flooded with crap remakes, it was a pleasant surprise. The chemistry was great between stars Channing Tatum — who revealed a talent for comedy — and Jonah Hill. The movie made over US$200 million at the worldwide Box Office, so a sequel is more than justified.Continue Reading