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Posters Offer Best Look Yet At Justice League Costumes

The DCEU continues to suffer a public perception issue, but the powers that be are still making sure that things are moving along, behind the scenes. I won’t go into detail over the studio’s problems, but I will say that they only have a very small window of opportunity left to win over fans andContinue Reading

Silence Trailer

Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield star in Martin Scorsese’s intense drama about Christian missionaries in feudal Japan…

Hitman: Agent 47 Trailer

The hit videogame gets another remake. This round, the mysterious assassin known as Agent 47 is on the run from a corporation who want to use him to create an army of unstoppable killers…

First Look! Ewan McGregor As Jesus In Last Days In The Desert

Wow, I had no idea this film existed, or that this guy was involved. Today, a photo of Scottish actor Ewan McGregor (“Moulin Rouge!”, “Trainspotting”) debuted online, in the role of Jesus Christ for the film “Last Days In The Desert”. But apparently, this is something of a dual role for him, as he isContinue Reading

New! Edge Of Tomorrow Posters

I’m hoping that director Doug Liman’s latest foray into sci-fi is better than his last. “Jumper” was also based on a book, and it was flat as hell. “Edge Of Tomorrow” has a more charismatic lead and a very appealing leading lady, so I’d say that’s already an advantage. I gotta say that I’m stillContinue Reading

Edge Of Tomorrow Full Trailer

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are soldiers in a future war against alien invaders who’re doomed to repeat the same day over & over again. Unless they can figure out how to break the loop…

Edge Of Tomorrow Trailer

Tom Cruise stars in this adaptation of a Japanese novel, about a soldier in a future who finds himself getting killed in battle and coming back to life, over and over…

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

This video featurette takes us behind the scenes for a look at how the directors get hands-on to shoot the 2nd Ghost Rider movie…