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Peter Jackson Reveals Concept Art For Mortal Engines Adaptation

If you’re wondering what “Lord Of The Rings” director Peter Jackson has been up to, here’s your answer. The guy is working on a big screen adaptation of “Mortal Engines”, the British series of award-winning novels by Philip Reeve. Jackson and Fran Walsh have already written the screenplay with regular collaborator Philippa Boyens. However, JacksonContinue Reading

First Look! Resident Evil Retribution

Screen Gems keeps giving money to auteur of the awful Paul W.S. Anderson to keep churning out barely-watchable crap. For some inexplicable reason, his movies keep turning a decent profit. I suppose the studio has a business model that works: make it for cheap, retain the core creative team, and don’t stray too far fromContinue Reading

Resident Evil: Retribution Teaser Trailer

Milla Jovovich returns in the 5th part of the franchise based on the popular videogame. This time, the story takes a flashback to past events…