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New! Character Posters For Valerian

Man, I don’t know anyone who’s anticipating Luc Besson’s next movie “Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets”. It’s gotten next to no buzz, and STX Entertainment doesn’t seem terribly pressed to promote their own movie. There was a half-hearted attempt earlier this year with a trailer that just didn’t excite audiences. Well, they’reContinue Reading

First Look! Kingsman: The Golden Circle Images

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” surprised a lot of people with just how good it was, and now it’s spawned a potential series, with the first follow-up “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” arriving this year. I’m quite curious about where they’ll go with this franchise, and today Entertainment Weekly has given us our first taste of exactlyContinue Reading

Seth Rogen To Bring Superhero Comic Invincible To Big Screen

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been making a name for themselves as filmmakers, with unapologetically R-rated comedies like “Sausage Party” and “This Is The End”. Now, it seems they’ve turned their attentions to the superhero genre. The Hollywood Reporter today broke the news that the duo are set to write, direct, and produce aContinue Reading

Atomic Blonde Red-Band Trailer

Charlize Theron stars in this comic book adaptation from the director of “John Wick”, about a deadly female spy during the Cold War…

Brie Larson Talks What Captain Marvel Means To Her

As far as female superheroes go, DC has Marvel beat. The DCEU introduces the first female solo film in this Summer with “Wonder Woman”, while “Captain Marvel” is still a long way off. It doesn’t even have a director attached yet. But that film’s star, Brie Larson, is already getting into the mindset of herContinue Reading

John Wick Director Will Take On Deadpool 2

As we reported previously, “Deadpool” director Tim Miller decided to drop out of the sequel due to creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds. The question then naturally was, who’d take his place? Well, we have our answer now. The Hollywood Reporter today broke the (good) news that the replacement director will be none other thanContinue Reading

Green Hornet To Be Rebooted Under The Accountant Director

Man, 2011’s big screen remake of “The Green Hornet” was one tragic misfire. Almost everyone involved was wrong for it, from arthouse director Michel Gondry, to its stars Seth Rogen and morose Taiwanese popster Jay Chou. Now, the 1960s TV series it was based on was no classic, but it had a star-making turn byContinue Reading

Ryan Reynolds Speaks Up On Deadpool 2 Director’s Departure

“Deadpool” came practically out of nowhere to delight mainstream audiences and rake in mega bucks. And this was a project that almost never saw light of day. The now-legendary tale goes that director Tim Miller purposely leaked test footage online, and based on the tremendous fan reception, 20th Century Fox decided to finally greenlight it.Continue Reading