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Feel The Force

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is both a sequel and a franchise re-igniter. Director JJ Abrams brings back the magic, but has he brought along too much of the old movies?…

Mark Hamill Breaks Silence On His Role In Star Wars The Force Awakens

One of the biggest questions fans have about the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is the absence of Luke Skywalker from any of the trailers and images. Rest assured, Luke is in this film. But Mark Hamill has been extremely tight-lipped about his role, courtesy of the infamous JJ Abrams penchant for extreme secrecy.Continue Reading

New! Character Posters For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Last month, Lucasfilm released the official poster for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. And today, they’ve gone into detail, with a fresh series of posters focusing on the main characters of the long-awaited sequel. We’ve got John Boyega’s Finn, Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren, Daisy Ridley’s Rey, Harrison Ford’s Han Solo, and Carrie Fisher’s Leia Organa.Continue Reading

Star Wars Ep7 Producer Talks What Links The Old & New Sagas

It’s a little mind-blowing for “Star Wars” die hards like myself to realise that the next chapter in the ongoing adventures in that galaxy far, far away is arriving in less than 3 months. Even more so when you stop to consider that there’ll be a “Star Wars” movie of some kind every single yearContinue Reading

Actor John Boyega Cried When He Read Star Wars Ep7 Script

So far, of the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” footage we’ve seen featuring John Boyega, he’s always sweating and panting heavily (even when wielding a lightsaber), leading to some jokes at his expense. But perhaps his character Finn is just under a lot of intense pressure throughout the entire movie? According to Boyega, it’s evenContinue Reading

New! Star Wars The Force Awakens Poster Art

Well, the much-hyped “Force Friday” event turned out to be a bit of a downer, with widespread reports of severe under-stocking of the toys and merchandise at stores, leading to many fans (and kids) going home empty-handed. But Lucasfilm/Disney is pressing on as if nothing ever happened. In conjunction with that ultra-consumerist spectacle, the studiosContinue Reading

JJ Abrams Reveals Secrets Of Star Wars Villains

As is normally the case with “Star Wars” and anything JJ Abrams-related, a lot of secrecy and thus speculation surrounds the upcoming film “The Force Awakens”. One of those mysteries revolves around the villains of the piece, The First Order and its leader(?) Kylo Ren. Empire magazine managed to get some clarity from Abrams himself.Continue Reading

New! Hi-Res Images From Star Wars The Force Awakens

Update! We’ve just gotten our hands on legendary artist Drew Struzan’s official artwork for the “Force Awakens” poster! We’ve got some goodies on that new movie set in that galaxy far, far away. Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue features a scoop on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, with a whole bunch of brand new images andContinue Reading