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What If

Historical biopic “Lincoln” is director Steven Spielberg’s return to serious filmmaking. But is it worthy of its subject? New contributor Qiu Jun Xing gives us a detailed analysis…

Lincoln Trailer

Steven Spielberg directs the life story of America’s most legendary and beloved president, played by Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis…

First Official Look At Daniel Day-Lewis As Lincoln

Late last year, Electroshadow brought you a casual snapshot of Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis (“There Will Be Blood”) in makeup as legendary US president Abraham Lincoln. Today, we have an official image of the actor, in a still from the film. And I gotta say: WOW. It’s like peering through a rift in the space-timeContinue Reading

First Look! Daniel Day-Lewis In Spielberg’s Lincoln

Director Steven Spielberg continues his trend of “One for me, one for them” with “Lincoln”. His one for them was the mainstream crowd-pleaser “The Adventures Of Tintin”, so now he’s doing a biopic of the legendary American President Abraham Lincoln as a personal passion project, with possible awards-worthiness. His leading man is none other thanContinue Reading