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The Lego Ninjago Movie Trailer

From the popular toy line comes this adventure about a young Ninja warrior who must defeat an evil overlord, who just happens to be his dad too…

Now You See Me 2 Trailer

The con artists/magicians are back in another adventure, and this time they have to clear their names when a mastermind blackmails them…

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Trailer

This sequel to the hit comedy sees a new threat next door, with a bunch of college girls even wilder and crazier than the boys…

First Look! The Cast Of Now You See Me 2

I did not enjoy “Now You See Me”. I thought it was a sloppily told story with a try-hard approach at hoodwinking the audience that backfired since they unwittingly broadcast the big twist early on. Still, the movie made enough money to justify a sequel. So here we are with “Now You See Me: TheContinue Reading

Daniel Radcliffe and Jay Chou To Star In Now You See Me 2

“Now You See Me” was a surprise Box Office hit. I say surprise because the movie was awful, it tried so hard to be clever but came off predictable and ridiculous instead. Still, we live in a world where we’ve had 4 “Transformers” movies, so why not another round of pseudo magician shenanigans? The originalContinue Reading

New! Zombie Humour In Warm Bodies Posters

I loved writer/director Jonathan Levine’s cancer comedy “50/50”. This year he’s trying another new approach to comedy with “Warm Bodies”. Where “Shaun Of The Dead” was billed as a “zom rom com” this one takes it literally. As in, the romance is between a zombie boy and a human girl. Sounds a little hokey butContinue Reading

Warm Bodies Trailer

This is not “Twilight” with zombies, but a more comedic take on forbidden romances, with Nicholas Hoult of “X-Men: First Class” playing the leading undead man…

21 Jump Street NSFW Clips

Warning: these 2 clips from the “21 Jump Street” remake are Not Safe For Work, as they contain lots of swearing and gay innuendo…