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New! The Rock Poses With Cast Of Baywatch Remake

Yup, the “Baywatch” remake is real. And just to prove it, leading man Dwayne Johnson put up some images of the cast. Hey, there’s original leading man David Hasselhoff, looking all buff and (fake) tanned! Something tells me this isn’t going to be a movie that takes itself entirely seriously. Which is fine, since theContinue Reading

Dwayne Johnson To Star In Baywatch Remake

Somewhere out there, David Hasselhoff is weeping. For the “Baywatch” big screen remake Paramount Pictures has been threatening us with has found its leading man. And it is someone more Alpha than The Hoff, that mountain of testosterone The Rock. Pray that this is going to be a comedy. To be fair though, Johnson doesContinue Reading

Knight Rider To Get Big Screen Treatment

Which little boy growing up in the 80s didn’t love “Knight Rider”? It was about a man and his talking car! Sure, the show and even the concept is kinda quaint now, but back then it was the shiznit. I for one, am glad Hollywood is remaking this into a feature film. Yesterday, The LAContinue Reading

Baywatch Getting Big-Screen Remake

In my early, formative years, I was still developing this delicate thing called taste. In the process, I inevitably followed the more questionable end of the spectrum. “Baywatch” is one such example. By any measure, it’s a terrible TV show. Of course, it’s easy today with our post-modern sense of irony to laugh at theContinue Reading