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The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Trailer

This sequel to the charming Brit comedy sees all the old timers finding the hotel’s sole vacancy taken up by a dashing American gentleman…

Return Of The King

“Godzilla” is reborn in this remake of the classic Japanese film. Many versions and pretenders have come & gone over the years. Is this finally the real thing?…

Godzilla Extended Trailer

This extended trailer gives us a deeper look into the remake of the classic Japanese monster movie, with huge scale and an even bigger sense of peril…

New Godzilla Posters Inspired By Japanese Roots

I gotta say one thing. No matter how the “Godzilla” remake turns out (and by everything we’ve seen and heard it’s gonna turn out well), the marketing for this movie has been superb. From the immersive, intense trailers, to the promo imagery, it’s all making us want to see this like, yesterday. Case in pointContinue Reading

Godzilla’s Massive Scale Revealed In Posters

The promo materials for Roland Emmerich’s 1998 stinker “Godzilla” boasted “Size Matters”. But that version looks like a pipsqueak compared to director Gareth Edwards’ new take. The buzz on this one has been overwhelmingly positive, and for good reason. Everything we’ve seen and heard of it has convinced us that Edwards gets it. While theContinue Reading

Godzilla Full Trailer

The King Of Monsters’ face is finally revealed! This remake of the classic Japanese property places much greater emphasis on horror than ever before…

First Full Look At Godzilla In Poster & Empire Cover Art

I am of the opinion that this remake of “Godzilla” will finally get the giant monster sub-genre right, where so many others have stumbled. Yes, that includes “Pacific Rim”. Why do I have a good feeling about it? I just do. Call it a professional hunch. Also, I’ve seen what director Gareth Edwards can doContinue Reading

Godzilla Teaser Trailer

This remake of the classic Japanese monster movies sees a darker and more serious take on the KIng of Monsters…