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Matt Reeves Confirmed To Direct The Batman

See, this is why Electroshadow doesn’t post news until it’s confirmed. Earlier this month, it was reported that director Matt Reeves (“Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes”) was set to take over the helm of “The Batman” when Ben Affleck dropped out. Then, word came out that negotiations had fallen apart and Reeves wasContinue Reading

The Batman Solo Movie’s Script To Receive Major Rewrite

When Ben Affleck came out last month to announce his departure from the director’s chair of the solo “Batman” movie, it came as a major disappointment to many, but a surprise to few. The guy had been letting slip his frustration in recent months about problems over the script. Looks like it was just tooContinue Reading

Ben Affleck Will No Longer Direct The Batman Solo Movie

Uh oh. There’s trouble at Warner Bros’ DCEU. Again. Rumours had been swirling around for months now that Ben Affleck was having difficulty with the script for “The Batman”, the solo movie he was to star in, direct, and co-write. In recent interviews, he’d been expressing some uncertainty over whether he’d still helm the film.Continue Reading

Green Lantern Corps Movie Confirmed As Buddy Comedy

After the last disastrous outing for “Green Lantern” (with Ryan Reynolds), Warner Bros put the character on the shelf. They even went so far as to officially say that no member of the Green Lanterns would appear in the DCEU until “2019 at the very earliest”. But in the last year, there were distinct rumblingsContinue Reading

Margot Robbie Reuniting With David Ayer For Gotham City Sirens

While “Suicide Squad” wasn’t quite the redeeming factor that Warner Bros wanted for its DCEU movies, it made quite a pile of cash so a sequel is already in the works. Beyond that, its director and star found working together such a positive experience that they’re now retiming for another DC comic book adaptation. TheContinue Reading

Wonder Woman Full Trailer

This full trailer showcases more of the mythical Thermyscira and the Amazonians, while fleshing out the World War I setting…

Gal Gadot Talks Wonder Woman’s Female Perspective

Warner Bros/DC has more at stake with “Wonder Woman” beyond the obvious financial performance. Beating Marvel to the punch, it’s the first female superhero movie we’re getting. Which means they have to get it right in terms of how she’s portrayed and how she will be perceived by a world that is not only inContinue Reading

New Tactical Batsuit Revealed For Justice League

Ben Affleck’s Batman went from one of the most protested to one of the most beloved. Design-wise, the Batsuit in “Batman v Superman” was simply perfect. But as we all know, every subsequent superhero movie always features at least one new suit. Gotta think of the merchandising, after all. Shooting is still underway at LeavesdenContinue Reading