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Deadpool Writer Confirms X-Force Standalone Movie

“Deadpool 2” is currently set to go into production, and there are already plans for a third movie. A while back, when discussing the unlikely anti-hero franchise, there was talk that the sequel(s) would feature X-Men spinoff team X-Force and that’s as far as we would see them on the big screen. But now, writerContinue Reading

Ryan Reynolds Tries To Enter Deadpool For Oscars

20th Century Fox is currently laughing all the way to the bank with the massive success of “Deadpool”. Made for just US$58 million (not including the budget for its groundbreaking and brilliant marketing campaign), the superhero movie has made over $500 million at the worldwide Box Office so far. Making it the biggest opening weekendContinue Reading

Deadpool Reviews Deadpool

The self-aware anti-hero hijacks Electroshadow to give us his own opinion on the movie he’s starring in! What does the Merc with a Mouth have to say?…

Video: Deadpool Mocks Australia’s National Day & Wolverine

The Land Down Under celebrates Australia Day on 26th January, and just for a random laugh, the makers of “Deadpool” decided to greet Australians with a special video message. Add this to the already legendary marketing campaign of a movie that is fast gaining traction as a must-see among the general moviegoing public. So here’sContinue Reading

New! Deadpool Images Showcase Other Mutants

Some pundits are saying that “Deadpool” will be THE surprise superhero flick of 2016. While I have my doubts, I’ll be more than happy to see this one do well both critically and commercially. After all, an R-rated superhero movie is a rare beast. Empire mag dedicated its latest issue to the Merc with theContinue Reading

Deadpool Red-Band Trailer2

The Merc with the Mouth demonstrates exactly why he’s called that in this profane and funny new trailer…

Deadpool Posters Are Loaded With Inappropriate Puns

We’ll be getting a new trailer for “Deadpool” on Christmas Day. But 20th Century Fox isn’t waiting till then to continue building the buzz for their Marvel anti-hero flick. Here’s a pair of new posters that are very much in keeping with the R-rated tone of the movie, as well the the title character’s rudeContinue Reading

Video: Deadpool Teases A Treat For Sao Paolo Comic Con

Next week, Comic Con Experience Sao Paulo is happening in Brazil. It’s one of South America’s biggest conventions, and 20th Century Fox will be holding a panel there. Their main draw is of course the Marvel Comics adaptation of “Deadpool”, and star Ryan Reynolds is said to be one of the attendees. Reynolds got intoContinue Reading