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Sleepless Trailer

Jamie Foxx stars in this crime action-thriller about a cop who must rescue his kidnapped son from a ruthless syndicate…

First Look! Jamie Foxx In Crime Thriller Sleepless

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx (“Ray”, “Django Unchained”) hasn’t done a whole lot of crime and action stuff, which is too bad cos the guy’s good at it. Watch him in “The Kingdom” and “Miami Vice” and you’ll know what I mean. The overall quality of those movies notwithstanding, he pulls off fights and shootoutsContinue Reading

Dirty Grandpa Trailer

Robert De Niro and Zac Efron team up in this comedy about a widower who drags his grandson on a wild road trip fuelled by sex, drugs and Rock n’ Roll…

First Look! Robert De Niro Comedy Dirty Grandpa

It seems like Robert De Niro’s latter-day career is going to comprise largely of comedies. This is an actor who built a name for gritty, hard-edged crime films. But at least the guy is still trying, unlike many veteran stars who just phone in their performances purely for the paycheque (example: Bruce Willis). De Niro’sContinue Reading

Insidious Chapter 3 Trailer

The 3rd instalment in this horror series is actually a prequel, focusing on the gifted psychic Elise as she tries to help a girl who’s been targeted by a dangerous spirit…

Insidious 3 To Be A Prequel

Since the first two instalments of “Insidious” made pretty good money at the Box Office (US$257 million worldwide combined), a third chapter was inevitable. But what we didn’t expect is that they’re going to make it a prequel instead of a sequel. If you watched “Chapter 2”, you’ll know that it was more of aContinue Reading

Jobs Full Trailer

Based on the life of the legendary founder of Apple, this biopic details Steve Jobs’ rise from his youth to the launch of the iPhone…

Comparison Photo Of Ashton Kutcher & Steve Jobs

Wow. Ashton Kutcher really DOES look a lot like Steve Jobs. Open Road Films, who’re producing the biopic of the late Apple founder, came up with a very simple yet impressive piece of marketing. They did a half-and-half photo comparison of their actor with the real thing. And as you can see, the resemblance isContinue Reading