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American Made Trailer

Tom Cruise stars in this true story of a pilot who is hired by the CIA to covertly run firearms and drugs into South America…

The Bourne Identity Director To Helm Justice League Dark

Well, colour me surprised. I didn’t think Warner Bros was proceeding with a “Justice League Dark” movie. What with all the (misguided) outrage over the DCEU being “too dark”. But now, not only is the adaptation still on, the studio has secured a director for it. Today, Variety ended months of speculation over the fateContinue Reading

Daisy Ridley To Star In Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Chaos Walking

Ever since her breakout role in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, Daisy Ridley’s been on a hot streak. The young Brit actress has been sought after or at least considered for a whole bunch of high profile projects. The latest one is also part of a popular series of science-fiction works. Only this time, it’sContinue Reading

Bourne Identity Director To Do Young Adult Adaptation Chaos Walking

Director Doug Liman has a reputation for being terribly disorganised in his filmmaking approach. So when I hear of him taking on a project called “Chaos Walking” I can’t help but smile at the irony. Which isn’t to say the guy will do a bad job. Quite the contrary, if you look at how mostContinue Reading

Horror Novel Forest Of Hands & Teeth To Get Big Screen Treatment

Ready or not, here comes another Young Adult book adaptation. This round, it’s a horror story called “The Forest Of Hands And Teeth” by first-time author Carrie Ryan. Written in 2009, the book garnered enough of a following for Hollywood to take notice. Today, Variety reported that not only have they secured a writer-director inContinue Reading

Tom Cruise To Reunite With Edge Of Tomorrow Director For Sci-Fi Thriller Luna Park

I like most of director Doug Liman’s work, from his indie debut “Swingers” to “Go” to “The Bourne Identity”. His last effort “Edge Of Tomorrow” was hailed as an underrated gem, and while I enjoyed it on the whole, it had a terribly weak and predictable third act that prevented it from fulfilling its potential.Continue Reading

Doug Liman Talks Videogame Adaptation Splinter Cell

There are some videogames with such inherent cinematic value that you wonder why they haven’t been turned into feature films already. “Splinter Cell” is a good example. A creation of author Tom Clancy (“The Hunt For Red October”), the espionage thriller series of games has not only been picked up for adaptation, it has aContinue Reading

May Movie Roundup

We review the month’s biggest releases! Disney revisionist fantasy “Maleficent!” Tom Cruise sci-fi “Edge Of Tomorrow!” And food porn dramedy “Chef!”…