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Baby Driver International Trailer

From the director of “Shaun Of The Dead” comes this action-comedy about a talented getaway driver who has to listen to music to pull off some amazing stunt driving…

Marvel Downsizes

“Ant-Man” is Marvel’s riskiest venture yet, with a barely-known superhero and a long history of production problems. But is this the little movie that could?…

Ant-Man Viral Video Showcases Character From Iron Man

We’re just two weeks out from the premiere of “Ant-Man” and Marvel Studios has been stepping up their marketing blitz for the troubled superhero standalone flick. The latest is a viral marketing video in the form of a clip for a faux news show called NewsFront, and it’s hosted by a familiar face from theContinue Reading

First Look! Ant-Man Villain Yellowjacket

You already know what the movie version of Ant-Man will look like. Today, we bring you a first look at the main antagonist Yellowjacket! And the reveal came, from all places, via British sleepwear company Aykroyds and Son. The banner below is part of the marketing blitz that is only now getting started. I haveContinue Reading

Ant-Man Gets A New Director & Writer

Things have just gotten from bad to worse for Marvel’s “Ant-Man” movie. After losing original writer-director Edgar Wright due to disputes over the tone of the material, Marvel struggled to find a replacement. A number of candidates turned down the ridiculous deadline (a year from script to finished film!) and Marvel seemed to be stuckContinue Reading

Director Edgar Wright Departs Marvel’s Ant-Man

Just when we thought all was well in the Marvel Studios kingdom, this happens. In a surprise announcement over the weekend, Marvel revealed that Edgar Wright has departed “Ant-Man” with immediate effect as the film’s director. Here is the official statement: “Marvel and Edgar Wright jointly announced today that the studio and director have partedContinue Reading

Michael Douglas To Play Ant-Man

Well, this sure is unexpected. First they cast Phoebe’s husband from “Friends” as Ant-Man, now the guy who popularised the catchphrase “Greed is good”. That’s right, Gordon Gekko, aka Michael Douglas has been cast as Hank Pym, in Marvel Comics the first Ant-Man, alongside Paul Rudd, Pym’s successor Scott Lang the new Ant-Man! The 69-yearContinue Reading

Director Edgar Wright Talks Ant-Man

Since the announcement that Marvel Studios would be doing an “Ant-Man” movie as part of their Phase 2 set of projects, very little has been revealed. We don’t even have so much as a confirmed leading actor. Entertainment Tonight managed to speak to its director, Englishman Edgar Wright, and he revealed a couple of vague-ishContinue Reading