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New! Character Posters For Wonder Woman

There was some griping online that Warner Bros. Pictures wasn’t putting enough marketing muscle into promoting “Wonder Woman”, somehow insinuating that the studio doesn’t have a lot of confidence in a female solo superhero movie. Which is complete nonsense of course, but that’s the Internet for you. In fact, we have been getting steadily bombardedContinue Reading

Wonder Woman Trailer 2

Fresh from the MTV Movie Awards comes this action-packed trailer that also reveals more of the heroine’s origin story…

New! Wonder Woman Images Provide Better Look At Costumes

Many naysayers made fun of Gal Gadot being cast as “Wonder Woman”. They said she was too skinny for such a physically powerful character, and not regal enough to play an Amazonian Warrior-Princess. While not all those Negative Nancys have been silenced, Gadot convinced a lot of folks with “Batman v Superman”. I never hadContinue Reading

Wonder Woman Plot Details Revealed

I don’t know about you, but after “Batman v Superman” I am pretty excited for the “Wonder Woman” solo film. Heck, I’m excited about all the upcoming DCEU followups. But with Oscar-winning director Patty Jenkins (“Monster”) and surprise revelation Gal Gadot, I think we’re in for a solid, maybe even great, superhero movie. But weContinue Reading

Chris Pine Talks The Difference A Female Director Makes In Wonder Woman

There’s been some debate in Hollywood about whether hiring women for female-centric films or Black filmmakers for films that centre around African culture or history is the right thing to do. Chris Pine, the male lead in the DC Comics superheroine film “Wonder Woman” clearly feels it is. Last night, Pine appeared on Jimmy KimmelContinue Reading