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Power Rangers Pics Get Up Close With Costumes

So far, nothing I’ve seen of the “Power Rangers” big screen reboot has gotten me excited. I appreciate that they’re going for much more serious and grown-up vibe, but the designs of the suits and costumes aren’t terribly impressive. A new still image debuted today via USA Today, which gives us a closer look atContinue Reading

New! Power Rangers Character Posters

I’m not too fond of the kid’s sci-fi action show “Power Rangers”, but there seems to be a huge fanbase out there. Which explains why we’re getting this ambitious(ish) big screen reboot. Nothing I’ve seen so far has changed my mind about this, even with the addition of respected actors like Bryan Cranston and ElizabethContinue Reading

First Look! Power Rangers In Full Costume

Nowadays, the cross-pollination of pop culture influences is so widespread that sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s influencing who. Case in point, the new remake of “Power Rangers”. Entertainment Weekly today debuted a first look at the costumes of the titular characters, and it’s not hard to see traces of “Iron Man”, “Pacific Rim”, “Tron”Continue Reading

First Look! Power Rangers Villain Revealed

I don’t know anyone who’s genuinely excited about a reboot of the kid’s TV show “Power Rangers”. Other than the folks making the movie that is. One of them is actress Elizabeth Banks, whose enthusiasm for the project is quite endearing, actually. Today, we get our first look at her villainous Rita Repulsa character, viaContinue Reading

Elizabeth Banks To Play Villain In Power Rangers Reboot

20th Century Fox had two attempts at putting “Powers Rangers” on the big screen, and now Lionsgate is taking a stab at the long-standing kid’s show. To show that they’re not mucking around, the studio has hired some real talent in the form of “The Hunger Games” star and “Pitch Perfect” director Elizabeth Banks. Today,Continue Reading

New! Stills & Final Poster For The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

In just 2 months’ time, the megabit Young Adult adaptation “The Hunger Games” will reach its epic conclusion. And leading lady Jennifer Lawrence herself today posted (via her Facebook page) what the studio has touted as the final poster for the sequel “Mockingjay Part 2”. Plus, they debuted a whole bunch of still images, soContinue Reading

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Reveals Giant Banner

Lionsgate just concluded a mini campaign on social media where they got fans in their millions (11,202,015 to be exact) to be click-monkeys for a reward — a giant banner for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” the finale of the Young Adult phenomenon. And it shows off a panoramic view of heroine KatnissContinue Reading

New! SDCC Character Posters For The Hunger Games Finale

Lionsgate will be squeezing the last drops of profit from its biggest cash cow this year end, with the finale to “The Hunger Games” saga. And word is, the studio is going to have a major presentation at this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con. To hype up the event, they’ve issued a series of “FacesContinue Reading