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The Beguiled Trailer

Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell star in this gothic romance about an injured Civil War soldier who is taken in by a widow and her daughters…

Leap! Trailer

This animated adventure is about an orphaned girl who befriends a young inventor in Paris. Together, they must battle the odds to realise their dreams…

New! Live By Night Poster Goes For Classic Gangster Cool

Ben Affleck’s latest film “Live By Night” (where he both directs and stars) has been screened for critics, but an embargo has been put in place, so we don’t know if it’s any good. Word through the grapevine is that it’s not quite the masterpiece some have been anticipating. I still wanna remain optimistic though,Continue Reading

Live By Night Trailer

Ben Affleck directs and stars in this gangster thriller set during the violent Prohibition era in America…

First Look! Arthouse Thriller The Neon Demon

Nicholas Winding Refn is a pretty divisive filmmaker. His last film “Only God Forgives” was pretty much booed out of the Cannes Film Fest, while before that he was received with rapturous acclaim for “Drive”. The guy’s work is nothing if not visually stunning, and while his latest effort will no doubt have its supportersContinue Reading

First Look! Character Posters Reveal The Boxtrolls

If you’re getting tired of the same old CG animation that the likes of Pixar, Dreamworks and Sony pumps out nowadays, take heart in what Laika Studios is doing. They’ve been steadfastly flying the flag for the distinctly old school animation method of stop motion. They’re the people behind “Coraline” and “ParaNorman”, and their latestContinue Reading

May Movie Roundup

We review the month’s biggest releases! Disney revisionist fantasy “Maleficent!” Tom Cruise sci-fi “Edge Of Tomorrow!” And food porn dramedy “Chef!”…

Characters Of Maleficent Revealed In Posters

No matter how it turns out, “Maleficent” at least looks like a dark fairy tale brought to life. Director Robert Stromberg appears to have a strong eye for visuals, and the design of the title character is interesting in a Satan-meets-Vogue sorta way. Today, we get a look at the other players in these characterContinue Reading