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Video: Evangeline Lilly Talks The Wasp

While DC already has its first solo female superhero movie coming out next year, Marvel still has some catching up to do. “Captain Marvel” is a good 3 years away, and in the meantime, the closest the House of Ideas has is The Wasp, who is only getting a team-up movie with “Ant-Man And TheContinue Reading

Peyton Reed Talks Ant-Man & The Wasp

Despite its infamous behind-the-scenes troubles, “Ant-Man” turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It also made over half a billion US dollars worldwide, and a sequel is now something I’m looking forward to, minus the production issues. Director Peyton Reed is himself greatly anticipating another go at the characters for the sequel “Ant-Man & TheContinue Reading

Director Peyton Reed Talks Ant-Man & The Wasp

Last month it was announced that “Ant-Man” director Peyton Reed would be returning to helm the follow-up “Ant-Man & The Wasp”. Today, we’ve got some thoughts from Reed on the Marvel team-up, when he spoke to MTV. First up, he discussed the importance of Evangeline Lilly‚Äôs Hope van Dyne, aka The Wasp: “That was oneContinue Reading

Marvel Announces Ant-Man & Wasp Team-up Movie

Marvel Studios dropped some pretty surprising news today that no one saw coming. There’s been a slight shift in their Phase Three plans, with a number of new movies being announced and some already announced ones seeing a change in release dates. The big news is that we’re getting a follow-up to “Ant-Man”, but notContinue Reading

Marvel Downsizes

“Ant-Man” is Marvel’s riskiest venture yet, with a barely-known superhero and a long history of production problems. But is this the little movie that could?…

New Wasp Costume From Ant-Man

This counts as a spoiler only if you still haven’t seen Marvel’s “Ant-Man”. Of course, if you have seen the movie, and you did stay for the post-end credits scenes you’ll already have gotten a glimpse of what Evangeline Lilly is going to look like as Wasp. But this is a nice still image forContinue Reading

Ant-Man Viral Video 2 Features Hero’s Criminal Past

Last week, we posted the first in what is turning out to be a series of viral marketing videos in the form of news reports. Today, the fictitious WHIH Newsfront is back wth a new report hosted by Christine Everheart (played by Leslie Bibb), a character who appeared in the first two “Iron Man” films.Continue Reading

Ant-Man Viral Video Showcases Character From Iron Man

We’re just two weeks out from the premiere of “Ant-Man” and Marvel Studios has been stepping up their marketing blitz for the troubled superhero standalone flick. The latest is a viral marketing video in the form of a clip for a faux news show called NewsFront, and it’s hosted by a familiar face from theContinue Reading