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Beauty & The Beast Postponed In Malaysia Due To Gay Elements

Good job, Disney. The studio has been going on some dubious “equal representation” drive in its movies lately, which involves depicting certain groups of people on screen. I am all for giving more opportunities for minority groups like Asians, Hispanics and the LGBTQ community a place to shine. But not when it’s forced down ourContinue Reading

Beauty And The Beast Movie Clip

Emma Watson shows off her singing in this first clip from Disney’s live-action remake of the animated classic…

T2 Trainspotting Trailer

Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle reunites with the cast of his classic 1996 film, about a bunch of junkies in Scotland, and what’s become of them 20 years later…

Beauty & The Beast Teaser Trailer

This live-action remake of the classic Disney animation stars Emma Watson as Belle, and a whole bunch of great actors playing familiar characters…

First Look! On The Set Of Trainspotting 2

“Trainspotting” revealed director Danny Boyle’s brilliance to the world, along with a whole bunch of exciting new talents in front of the camera like Ewan McGregor and Robert Carlyle. It’s a little hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since that seminal British film. It’s even stranger to know that a sequel is actuallyContinue Reading

Jane Got A Gun Trailer

Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor star in this Western about a woman who has to defend herself against a gang of ruthless outlaws…

Director Danny Boyle To Do Trainspotting Sequel

“Trainspotting” was one of those seminal films of the 1990s that changed the landscape of British filmmaking, and signalled the arrival of several major talents in director Danny Boyle (who’d go on to win an Oscar), and star Ewan McGregor. It was a pretty singular story though, and as brilliant as it was, it workedContinue Reading

First Look! Natalie Portman Western Jane Got A Gun

“Jane Got A Gun” has been in development since early 2012, and it’s had quite a bit of trouble in production. Cast members came and went, along with the film’s original director Lynn Ramsay. She’s been replaced by Gavin O’Connor, who did a great job on “Warrior”. Not much has been revealed about the projectContinue Reading