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John Wick Director To Helm Highlander Reboot

“Highlander” is one of those high-concept movies (immortals duel to the death for the ultimate prize of mortality) that seems like it could have franchise potential. But after an ill-conceived sequel and some low-rent TV spinoffs, it was clear that this wasn’t quite being justice to. Maybe what it needs is a bold and freshContinue Reading

A Monster Calls Promo Spot

Based on the bestselling book, this critically-acclaimed fantasy is about a boy who is trying to cope with his dying mother when a giant creature enters his life…

Enchanted Sequel Moving Ahead, Director Hired

Disney’s “Enchanted” was one of the studio’s most inspired efforts, combining live-action and animation and sending up the tropes of their own classics beautifully. It was also a star-making turn for Amy Adams, who’s since grown into an Oscar-calibre actress. So a sequel is a welcome proposition, assuming they keep to what made it specialContinue Reading

Pirates Of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Teaser Trailer

The fifth instalment in this fantasy adventure series sees an old adversary from Captain Jack Sparrow’s past hunting him down…

Fantastic Beasts Was Originally Conceived As Mock-Documentary

With the “Harry Potter” franchise having made over US$8 billion worldwide, more movies were pretty much a no-brainer for Warner Bros. But since authour JK Rowling didn’t have any more stories (then), the studio went for a spinoff that she did indeed write. But apparently, the movie adaptation might’ve gone in a very different direction.Continue Reading

The Great Wall Teaser Trailer

Matt Damon stars in this epic fantasy directed by Zhang Yimou, about an army fighting against a giant monster in ancient China…

A Monster Calls Full Trailer

Liam Neeson voices a giant creature in this adaptation of the award-winning children’s book, about a boy who conjures up a monster to deal with his mother’s illness…

A Monster Calls Teaser Trailer

This fantasy adventure is about a young boy who tries to deal with his mother’s illness by escaping into a world of monsters…