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Star Wars Celebration Pays Tribute To Carrie Fisher

Hard to believe, but “Star Wars” is 40 years old this year. So Star Wars Celebration that just kicked off at Orlando right now is extra meaningful. Lucasfilm held a “40 Years of Star Wars” panel last night, and among the many highlights (like live appearances by most of the cast and key figures likeContinue Reading

Disney To Make Indiana Jones 5 For 2019 Release

Here we go. After months of speculation about whether Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Pictures would do a reboot or sequel for “Indiana Jones”, it looks like we’re getting the latter. So much for all that jazz about whether Chris Pratt or Bradley Cooper would don the fedora, jacket and whip. It’s still very much Harrison Ford, ladiesContinue Reading

Feel The Force

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is both a sequel and a franchise re-igniter. Director JJ Abrams brings back the magic, but has he brought along too much of the old movies?…

Visual Effects Company ILM Celebrates 40th Anniversary

(Click on the image to view the super-sized version) Wow, has it been that long? Today marks the 40th anniversary of one of the world’s first — and most beloved — visual effects companies. If you’ve seen any blockbuster of the last 40 years, chances are Industrial Light & magic brought the effects to life.Continue Reading

George Lucas Reveals His Story For Star Wars EpVII Was Discarded

Director JJ Abrams’ “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” is unique for a number of reasons. But most of all, it will be the first-ever “Star Wars” film without any creative input from the man who created that galaxy far, far away, George Lucas. When Lucas sold the rights to Disney, he was initiallyContinue Reading

Strange Magic Trailer

Based on an original story by George Lucas, this animated fantasy adventure is about forest creatures who get into a huge battle over a magic potion…

Lucasfilm Singapore Hires New Leader

In case you didn’t know, “Star Wars” creator George Lucas’ company Lucasfilm Ltd has set up a branch in Singapore. It’s to be part of a regional hub for technical output in the cinematic arts which includes Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Lucas’ legendary special effects house. Interestingly, their building’s design (see above) is basedContinue Reading

Disney Chairman Gives Star Wars EpVII Updates

Y’know, I really wish they’d just bloody announce something concrete about the 7th “Star Wars” movie already. All this secrecy and playing coy is starting to get tiresome. Looks like a major announcement is right around the corner, if Walt Disney Pictures Chairman Alan Horn can be trusted. And I suppose we can, since he’sContinue Reading