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Chris Pratt Claims Guardians Vol.2 Will Get You Pregnant

If there’s one thing you can count on when you have someone like Chris Pratt in your movie, it’s that he will add a good dose of humour. Both on and off camera. Case in point, Pratt’s latest “promotional effort” for the Marvel Studios sequel “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2”. The actor took toContinue Reading

SPOILER! Marvel Posts Baby Groot Dancing Scene Online

Warning! Do not proceed if you haven’t seen “Guardians Of The Galaxy” yet, or if you don’t want to know what the final scene shows.                 For the rest of us, the short scene of a reborn Groot in a tiny sapling form dancing away to The JacksonContinue Reading

Marvel Gets Spaced Out

“Guardians Of The Galaxy” is unlike anything Marvel has done before, with way more comedy and spaced-out weirdness. Is it a trip too far?…

New! Posters Featuring Villains & Allies From Guardians Of The Galaxy

At the recent San Diego Comic Con, Marvel officially announced “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2” with a release date of 28th July 2017. That shows just how confident the studio is with this property, seen by many as a very risky one. The decision was made out of the stellar reviews and word-of-mouth that theContinue Reading

Guardians Of The Galaxy Extended Trailer

This brand new bit of footage shows off the action, the characters and the brilliant comedy that we can expect from Marvel’s riskiest — and possibly best — outing yet…

New! Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Posters

Fresh from the Marvel marketing department’s oven! We’ve got the entire team from “Guardians Of The Galaxy” in a series of individual posters. Well, Groot and Rocket Raccoon share a poster, but that’s cool cos they’re like a mini-team anyway. I’m really liking the visual design of this film so far, and it’s great thatContinue Reading

Josh Brolin To Voice Thanos In Guardians Of The Galaxy

In the post-credits scene for “The Avengers” we saw an purple alien grinning at us. That guy was Thanos, and he will be the Big Bad in the sequel. But first, he will make an appearance in this year’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy”. Until now, not much has been revealed about Thanos, but today LatinoContinue Reading

New! Guardians Of The Galaxy Posters

While we anxiously await the arrival of Marvel’s next superhero flick, the studio has some cool promo artwork for us to put up on our walls/mobile phones/computers. I’m loving these two posters, especially the retro comicbook-style 2nd one. And the first one adds more credence to talk that director James Gunn is approaching this likeContinue Reading