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Top 10 Worst Movies Of 2016

Electroshadow closes out one of the most exhausting, challenging, and unpredictable years in memory with a look into that bottomless pit of crap. And we find the bottom…

Actor Chadwick Boseman Talks Gods Of Egypt Casting Controversy

Things aren’t looking too good for Lionsgate’s fantasy epic “Gods Of Egypt”. Not only were the posters and trailer received with a lot of negativity, there’s been a huge storm over the whitewashed casting. In an unexpected move, the studio and the director Alex Proyas issued official apologies. Proyas said: “the process of casting aContinue Reading

Gods Of Egypt Trailer

The mythological deities of ancient Egypt come to life in this epic fantasy, featuring Gerard Butler as a villainous immortal ruler…

First Look! Character Posters For Gods of Egypt

After the disaster that was Ridley Scott’s “Exodus: Gods & Kings”, you’d think Hollywood would be more cautious. But “Gods Of Egypt” was already greenlit when Scott’s film bombed with critics and audiences. There hasn’t been any news of the fantasy epic centred around the mythological deities of ancient Egypt, until today. Lionsgate has justContinue Reading

Story Details Revealed For Gods Of Egypt

The shot you see above is of Gerard Butler and Elodie Yung on the set of “Gods Of Egypt”, the upcoming epic from director Alex Proyas (“The Crow”). Clearly, they’re going for a heightened version of ancient Egpyt, what with this kind of casting. Today, we’ve also got official details on the story itself, andContinue Reading

Casting & Story Details: Mythological Fantasy Gods Of Egypt

I love anything and everything ancient Egypt, so when they announced this project I immediately sat up and took notice. “Gods Of Egypt” is a period fantasy written by Matt Sazama, Buck Sharpless and Alex Proyas (“The Crow”, “I, Robot”), who will also direct. Deadline today reported that the film has a cast assembled already,Continue Reading