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Top 10 Best Films Of 2013

Electroshadow presents the last word on last year’s highlights. What made 2013 such a standout and what are our picks for the best of the best?…

Gravity Spinoff: Aningaaq Short Film

Loved “Gravity”? Then you’ll wanna check out this 7-minute companion piece, focusing on the voice at the other end of the conversation with Sandra Bullock’s character in one pivotal scene…

An Irresistible Force

Everyone has been raving about space-set thriller “Gravity”. Does it live up to the hype or does it come crashing down from the weight of expectations?

Video Interview: Sandra Bullock Talks Sci-Fi Drama Gravity

There’s been a lot of talk about “Gravity”, the science-fiction thriller by acclaimed Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron. A great deal of the buzz is around the technical brilliance of the film, but even more so is about its star Sandra Bullock. Many critics who’ve seen it say this is an awards-worthy performance and a career-bestContinue Reading

Gravity Full Trailer

From the director of the highly-acclaimed “Children Of Men” comes another intelligent, mature sci-fi film that has all the critics raving. It stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts stranded in space after a freak accident…

James Cameron Calls Gravity The Best Space Film Ever Done

Director Alfonso Cuaron made one of the best science-fiction films in history with “Children Of Men”. At least, that is the humble opinion of Electroshadow. Looks like he’s back with another possible masterpiece with “Gravity”. It’s just made its debut on the film fest circuit, like the 70th Annual Venice Film Festival, and at theContinue Reading

New! Posters For Sci-Fi Thriller Gravity

There’s a small handful of films I’m still really looking forward to this year. On top of that list is director Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity”. The space-set science-fiction thriller stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as a pair of Astronauts cast into a terrifying situation when a freak accident hits their space station. Warner Bros. PicturesContinue Reading

Director Alfonso Cuaron Talks Sci-Fi Thriller Gravity

The image above of Sandra Bullock (courtesy of USA Today) in her upcoming film “Gravity” represents 5 years of preparation by its director, Alfonso Cuarón (“Children Of Men”). The Mexican filmmaker had been working on how to realistically depict humans in the zero gravity environment of a space station, even seeking the advice of fellowContinue Reading