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James Gunn Will Direct Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

You’d think that any director that lands a plum gig directing a Marvel franchise movie would do anything to keep said gig. Although the studio is famously tight-fisted when it comes to salaries, their brand name is so strong that it would help launch or strengthen a filmmaker’s career. It’s not always the case though,Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Films Of 2014

Some highly-acclaimed works did not end up on Electroshadow’s list of most outstanding films, while some that did might surprise you. They sure surprised us. Here’s our pick of the year’s best…

Guardians Of The Galaxy Director Talks Avengers Crossover Possibilities

Earlier this month “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn was asked if there would be some kind of crossover between the characters of his more cosmic world and the mostly earthbound Avengers. His comment seemed to imply that there would be no such thing. But today, he went on his official Facebook page toContinue Reading

Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtrack To Be Released On Cassette Tape!

Whoa, Marvel sure is taking director James Gunn’s love of the 80s to heart. The soundtrack for “Guardians Of The Galaxy” is near-legendary by now, and its distinctly 80s flavour provided a lot of the movie’s charm. So, the studio is releasing it on a format that is a perfect encapsulation of the decade, notContinue Reading

Chris Pratt Visits Kid’s Hospital Dressed As Star-Lord

Ask most members of the press who’ve spoken with Chris Pratt and chances are they’ll tell you the same thing: that he comes across as a nice guy. Well, now there is conclusive proof of this. The star of Marvel Studios’ smash hit “Guardians Of The Galaxy” recently made a surprise trip to Children’s HospitalContinue Reading

SPOILER! Marvel Posts Baby Groot Dancing Scene Online

Warning! Do not proceed if you haven’t seen “Guardians Of The Galaxy” yet, or if you don’t want to know what the final scene shows.                 For the rest of us, the short scene of a reborn Groot in a tiny sapling form dancing away to The JacksonContinue Reading

Marvel Gets Spaced Out

“Guardians Of The Galaxy” is unlike anything Marvel has done before, with way more comedy and spaced-out weirdness. Is it a trip too far?…

New! Posters Featuring Villains & Allies From Guardians Of The Galaxy

At the recent San Diego Comic Con, Marvel officially announced “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2” with a release date of 28th July 2017. That shows just how confident the studio is with this property, seen by many as a very risky one. The decision was made out of the stellar reviews and word-of-mouth that theContinue Reading