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Beauty & The Beast Postponed In Malaysia Due To Gay Elements

Good job, Disney. The studio has been going on some dubious “equal representation” drive in its movies lately, which involves depicting certain groups of people on screen. I am all for giving more opportunities for minority groups like Asians, Hispanics and the LGBTQ community a place to shine. But not when it’s forced down ourContinue Reading

Beauty & The Beast Teaser Trailer

This live-action remake of the classic Disney animation stars Emma Watson as Belle, and a whole bunch of great actors playing familiar characters…

Cast Assembled For Sci-Fi Thriller God Particle

Are Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot working on yet another “spiritual sequel” or “blood relative” of “Cloverfield”? They just did it with “10 Cloverfield Lane”, a movie that was shrouded in almost perfect secrecy right until its release, which is almost unheard of nowadays. The new movie is called “God Particle”, and it is anotherContinue Reading

Free State Of Jones Trailer

Matthew McConaughey leads this true story set during the American Civil War, where one man, tired of the fighting, decides to set up his own state…

First Look! Matthew McConaughey In War Drama The Free State Of Jones

Matthew McConaughey has another high-profile showcase of his acting prowess with “The Free State Of Jones”, a drama set during the American Civil War. And maybe even some of his little-seen action chops, as a war film means no one gets to sit around just talking for very long. The film is produced by STXContinue Reading