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Hellboy To Be Rebooted Under New Director

Here’s some good news for fans of “Hellboy”, and bad news for fans of Guillermo del Toro. Despite the director doing a pretty solid job on two cinematic outings for the cult comicbook character, they didn’t make the studios much money. The director himself officially declared a third “Hellboy” movie under him, which would haveContinue Reading

Sicario Sequel Gets A New Director & Title

“Sicario” was one of the best films of 2015, and that was largely thanks to the superb directing by Denis Villeneuve. The writing, acting and score were also excellent of course, but it’s really the French-Canadian filmmaker’s vision that made it such an indelible experience. Early this year, it was announced that the film wouldContinue Reading

Pacific Rim 2 Confirmed, New Director Announced

Although “Pacific Rim” was just an okay success at the Box Office (US$400 million worldwide), a sequel was eventually wrangled by the powers that be. One of those powers was of course the movie’s director, Guillermo del Toro. But the guy kept waffling on whether or not he’d return to direct the follow-up himself. EvenContinue Reading

New! Character Posters For Crimson Peak

2015 hasn’t seen a whole lot of quality horror films. “It Follows” was a standout among the sea of same old dreck, and I’m hoping director Guillermo del Toro will deliver later this year with “Crimson Peak”. His output may be inconsistent, but when he does horror the results are usually solid (“Devil’s Backbone”, “Pan’sContinue Reading

Visual Effects Company ILM Celebrates 40th Anniversary

(Click on the image to view the super-sized version) Wow, has it been that long? Today marks the 40th anniversary of one of the world’s first — and most beloved — visual effects companies. If you’ve seen any blockbuster of the last 40 years, chances are Industrial Light & magic brought the effects to life.Continue Reading

Guillermo Del Toro To Do Black & White Horror Film

Mexican director Guillermo del Toro is an interesting filmmaker, full of contrasts. On the one hand, he has an arthouse sensibility, filling his films with complex relationships and beautifully observed visual nuances. On the other, he is also a true-blue geek and can sometimes make dry dumb and loud popcorn movies. “Pacific Rim” is aContinue Reading

Pacific Rim 2 Officially Announced

After the lacklustre US Box Office performance of “Pacific Rim”, a sequel was a question mark. Fortunately, the global earnings to the tune of $411 million salvaged the studio’s pride enough to warrant a sequel. Earlier this month, director Guillermo del Toro revealed that he’d already begun writing the script with Zak Penn. Now, LegendaryContinue Reading

Guillermo Del Toro Starting Work On Pacific Rim 2

Despite “Pacific Rim” not doing great business at the Box Office (US411 million worldwide on a budget of $190m), Legendary Pictures appears to be backing director Guillermo del Toro’s bid to make a sequel. Today, he spoke to Buzzfeed and revealed that work has already begun on a follow-up to the giant robots vs giantContinue Reading